Will this ever get better or even worse?All of a sudden we’re amidst a curseThe anxiety is unnerving, the future unclearAll of a sudden stepping out is so dearWe used to make plansBook tickets at a glanceAll of a sudden we lost it allThe world is at its knees by a virus so smallNo concerts … More PAUSED

Finding Faith

A little girl. She craved for freedom. She wandered and found a place. A new place. New people. New experiences. She was more than happy. Blind Trust. Seeking happiness seemed easy. Fun and frolic. Love and laughter. Too good. Slowly and steadily there was a void. An empty space. Something hurting. Tears and laughter. The … More Finding Faith

Testing times

There are situations and times that make you stronger. Testing times. I felt like the past one year has been a heavy  one. Not physically but emotionally demanding. It has made me realize that life’s too important and that everything cannot be taken for granted. Friendships, relations everything has to be in the right place … More Testing times

Coffee day

It has been more than a week that I joined the new project and I am trying to adjust myself to the culture and surroundings. I was kind of disappointed until yesterday when I took coffee for the first time from the vending machine on my office floor. I expected strong, bad tasting coffee and … More Coffee day

The sweet lemon

I moved to my hometown recently. Got a transfer to the local facility after months of struggle, pain and tireless efforts. My transfer was no less than a miracle. A dream I never thought would come true. I have to travel to office now. It’s a 2 hour commute but it’s something I always wanted. … More The sweet lemon

Freedom in a cage

Another day at work. I come back. I lay down. Wifi on,  workplace off. It’s 4 hours, I am on my phone. Looking at pictures, listening to music,  watching random videos. It’s midnight. I am again thinking of office. Subconsciously. I stay away from home. I am dying a little every day. I long to … More Freedom in a cage

Privacy raped

I am a very disorganized person. I can function efficiently that way. I know sounds weird. My office desktop has folders all over the screen and i can pick exactly what I want when I need something. There has never been an issue or glitch because of this. Productivity does not suffer. It’s my way … More Privacy raped